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Frequently Asked

Are you a real estate broker?

No, our partner network is comprised of amazing real estate agents.  The brokers that we use is eXp, and I will tell you why during our call.

Can I just join now or do we have to chat?

If you are ready to join, then click here to learn how to join eXp with David Baker as your sponsor.  You only get one chance to choose a sponsor, so make sure that you follow the instructions.  If you join with me as your sponsor, you will miss out on what our partners offer.

Can I be located in any state?

Yes, you can be a real estate agent anywhere in the USA to join with us.

Where are the instructions on how to join?

Click here to learn more.

Can a team join or only a single agent?

Teams of any size can join.  We can help you onboard your team.  Schedule a call to discuss the process for bringing a team over.  The entire team will get access to the resources from our partner network and the training from the brokerage.

Real Estate Agent Resources

Coaching, mentoring, webinars

Learn from the best in the business.  The live webinars alone are so valuable.  The shared knowledge is key.  When you are surrounded by top producers, it drives you to be one too.

Bootcamps, Live Events, And...

There is so much training from the partner network.  Sure, the brokerage gives some great classes, but we are focused on helping those who join with us to constantly grow and close.

Modern marketing methods

Learn about the modern marketing methods that our partner network used to grow sales exponentially. Are you still door knocking and sending mailers?  If so, we need to talk.

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